DatCon Introduction

DatCon is an app that reads a .DAT file and then creates output files that contain data extracted from the .DAT. These output files can then be used by Excel, Dashware and Google Earth to view these data.

DatCon works for the Phantom 3 series (Professional, Advanced, and Standard) and the Inspire1. DatCon now works for the Phantom 4 or Mavic as well.

DatCon is an offline app. It is installed on your PC, Mac, or Linux system and then run locally. There is no waiting while a .DAT is uploaded and the resulting .csv is downloaded.

To obtain a copy of DatCon and install it go to the Downloads section.

For instructions on retrieving a .DAT file from the Phantom 3 or Inspire1 go to the Retrieve .DAT section.

For documentation on the contents of the .csv file produced by DatCon go to the .CSV column descriptions section.