Following are release notes for DatCon version 3.1.0. They also apply to CsvView version 3.1.0 when processing .DAT files

The signals that previous DatCon versions know about have been obtained by reverse engineering the .DAT file. In addition to the Engineered signals DatCon3 includes DatDefined signals whose definitions are found within the .DAT itself. Depending on the platform and the firmware version there can be in excess of 750 DatDefined signals available in addition to the Engineered signals. The user can select which signal types will be used during the parsing process; either Engineered, DatDefined, or a combination of both.

The main advantage of the DatDefined signals is that they provide access to signals other than the Engineered signals. There are disadvantages though.

To control the way that DatCon3 uses the signal types there is a new menu bar item called ParsingMode. (CsvView also has this menu bar item)